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Hey There!

 I'm Anne Marie, photographer, wife, mommy and friend.  I love the beach and the sunshine...basically anywhere out in the nature! Traveling and seeing new places is my love language.  I am passionate about my marriage and living life to the fullest! My husband is my rock and best friend, he is seriously the most selfless man I know and inspires me to want to be a better wife and mother everyday.  We love to cook together and have come to the census that we would rather enjoy our own cooking than go out.  We love both travel and have stay-cations where we work on the yard, garden, take naps and just relax. Camping is our go to getaway; especially in beautiful Northern California where we live. 


I've dabbled in landscape photography and even tried real estate photography but I keep coming back to families and children.  I love human interaction and connection.  My clients are so important to me and I am eternally grateful to those who hire me and allow me to be a part of documenting your journey through life. As a mother myself, I place the safety of my clients first, especially my littlest newborn clients.  I have completed world wide and well know photographer Kelly Brown's Newborn posing and safety online class and have also completed Ana Brandt's newborn photography class online.  I always put the baby's comfort and safety first when in a newborn session.

Why Grace Street?


When we were expecting with Jonah, we would walk a ton all around town.  We have all the streets and back roads and houses within a 3 mile radius of our home totally memorized!  Grace Street was a little quaint street we would often walk and every time I would think: "this is an awesome street!  If I ever lived on this street, I would have a little photography studio on our property and call it Grace Street Photography".  Well, I don't think I'll ever live on Grace Street, but I have something even greater than living on that street in our town.  I have God's Divine Grace in my life EVERYDAY!  His Grace is shown in my life, family, and each breath that I take!  The very fact that we are alive is because of HIS GRACE!  Its a pretty incredible gift!  My hope is this blog and my photography would be a reminder that we are so fortunate to have the ability to live on God's Grace Street and not take one day, one breath, one blessing for granted.

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