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Lilly's Adoption Day!

This was such a special day to be a part of! I've known Melissa since we were dancing in the Nutcracker together....we must have been 14 when we met!! I've been able to photograph her and her beautiful family before and they are just the best family! When she contacted me and told me about their little girl they had been fostering, and asked to do a photo shoot, I teared up immediately thinking about the gift that they must be to each other!

Melissa's husband is a firefighter and had been working on the biggest fire in California when the adoption date came around. He was able to get just 24 hours off to come home for his daughter's adoption. Since the adoption was early in the morning and Adam had to go back to firefighting right after, we decided to meet up the evening before so we could get some family photos done before the big day!

Oh my, all I can say is this sweet tempered little girl fits right in with her forever family! The interaction with her siblings and the family dynamic was just perfect! I am so happy for this wonderful family and that they were united with this beautiful girl!

Here are a few photos of this lovely event!

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